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School Appeals

At Educarers we appreciate how stressful and worrying it can be for parents and pupils when an application to the chosen school is rejected. We have specialists who can assist you in your appeal.

School admissions are governed by a considerable amount of legislation and regulations including The Education Act, Human Rights Act and The School Admissions Code of Practice and The Admissions Appeals code of Practice.

Section 86 of The School Standards and Framework Act allows parents to express a preference as to school they wish their child to attend but the Act also is concerned with the responsibilities of the governing bodies.

The Admission numbers are set by the authorities and the code of practice states that until the standard number is reached a student must be admitted.

Once the number is reached then students should only be admitted where exceptional circumstances apply. This is often referred in school appeal documents as oversupplied.

When a school is oversupplied the admission criteria should be followed. The criteria must be lawful and there are in fact numerous examples of what criteria are deemed unlawful.

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