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Exclusions and Expulsions

School exclusions are an emotive subject. They frequently are highly charged events requiring sensitive handling. The relationship between the parents and the school is usually strained particularly at times of examinations.

There are different types of exclusions:-

  • The fixed term exclusion where a student is excluded for a set period of time up to a maximum of 45 days.

  • The so called "lunchtime exclusion" where the pupil is excluded between the morning and the afternoon school sessions. This may occur for example where the student has a behavioural problem.

  • Permanent exclusions.

All exclusions are serious but the most drastic is the permanent exclusion, where the student is permanently excluded from the school.

The school does have the power to remove a student from the school under grounds of health and safety and/or criminal allegations. At Educarers we have specialist advisers who are experienced in dealing with both the exclusions and any associated criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Exclusion should be seen as the last resort and there are procedures that should be followed before exclusion can take place. Sometimes alternative dispute resolutions can be explored as an alternative to exclusion.

The Head teacher must inform the LEA and the governing body within set time limits of the student exclusion. This may mean that the case comes before a governing body which may result in a hearing. The parent is entitled to attend or alternatively submit written representations. The Governing body after hearing the evidence reviews the decision and notifies its decision in writing. If the exclusion is upheld then the parent is to be notified of the right to appeal to the Independent Appeal Panel.

The Independent Appeal Panelís role is to assess whether the governing bodies decision was reasonable and they will re-examine the evidence.

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